Welcome to Columbus and Absarokee, Montana

Come worship with our parish and feel the love of Jesus. “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire!” Saint Catherine of Siena
Father Greg Staudinger prays that all share the love of Jesus.

Upcoming Sunday Mass

Jesus is welcomed into the home of Martha and Mary. “Both welcome the Lord”, the Pope explained, “but they do so in different ways. Mary sits at Jesus feet and listens to his words, whereas Martha is completely caught up in preparing things”. Thus Martha “a risks forgetting — and this is the problem — the most important thing, which is the presence of the guest”. Indeed, Francis added, a “guest is not simply to be served, fed, looked after in every way. It is important above all that he be listened to. Remember this word: Listen! Because the guest should be welcomed as a person, with his story, his heart rich with feelings and thoughts, so that he may truly feel he is with family”. Otherwise, the Pope commented, “if you welcome a guest into your home and continue to do things, have him sit there, he and you silent, it is as if he were of stone: a guest of stone”.